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Early child hood care / daycare is a cost effective preventive strategy for families living in difficult circumstances without extended family support (Joint family) when the mother is working in organized or unorganized sector.

What does creche provide

Provides nurturing stimulating environment for harnessing full potential of human resources
Child is saved from neglect - deprivation of food and care / basic health facility and immunization.
It addresses the entire range of issues and problems associated with poverty by employing polistic approach and providing solution for breaking vicious circle of poverty - poor health - exploitation - low productivity.
Provides physical safety - care taking - survival when mother goes to work.
Frequent feeding of young child in critical years ensures proper growth and early stimulation provides neurosensory motor development.
6mths - 2yrs. is a period of perceptual hunger and providing extra 300 calories per child makes a vital difference.
Minimal levels of interaction with caregiver and other children lead to socioemotional maturity, development and ultimately community development.
It releases older sib caring for younger child (inadequate mothering) for education. Child minder's age according to Samuel and Arulraj study is 4 yrs. 58% of the children are less then 2 yrs. and 56% sibling care giver did not attend school and 81% of child minders were girls.
It protects the rights of a working mother in unorganized sector.
82% of mothers from Low Socio economic group have increased capacity to earn and enhance their income by Rs 300/- p.m. by working 2 hours longer (Prareekh SEWA Academy 1996, Surendra nagar).
This is a cost effective strategy that reduces the need for allocation of remedial action for Child labour, school dropouts, street children, child prostitution, sexual abuse, medical and health programs and female illiteracy.

Characteristics of an effective day care model

Focus on infants: 6mths - 3yrs. - a large no. of these children can be handled - three age groups i.e. 6mths - 2 yrs / 3yrs - 6yrs / 6yrs and above.
Working with minimum facilities - small room decorated or painted walls with water sanitation and cooking facility.
Accessible and affordable crèche for the community nearby.
Flexible working schedule based on changing needs of target groups
Adopt "the rights" approach for survival, growth and development of children for donors, community and policy makers - government / industrialist.
Sensitized and lobby for young child to the donors and stakeholders - Government / BMC / localleaders / community / at micro and macro levels
Respect and value for the culture of the community - use their art, craft & folk media
Encourage community contribution.
Communities to give expertise, time and labour - help in admission campaign for mainstreaming of children above 5 to 6 yrs. in normal schools / providing support through scholarship for schooling / tutorial coaching
Childcare takers of the crèche should encourage the community in participating to access facilities and finances of government institution and BMC / and other free and subsidized services.
  Make use of alumni of crèche who are the best advocates for quality childcare. They should address larger community needs like literacy and skill building.Benefits to the child and parents

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