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  1. Do not give glucose/jaggery/sugar/plain water or honey before the first breastfeed (No Prelacteal feeds).

  2. Soon after delivery hold your baby close to give skin to skin body contact in the delivery room & also start breastfeeding within half an hour of delivery (Early contact & Breastfeeding).

  3. Colostrum, the breastmilk during the first 2-3 days after delivery, though scanty, is highly nutritious, protective & also sufficient for the baby.

  4. Always keep your baby with you in the same bed (Bedding In).

  5. Breastfeed whenever your baby is hungry & without any restriction of time (Demand Feeding).

  6. Before discharge from the maternity home learn to hold and position the baby properly & comfortably while breastfeeding. Also learn to express breastmilk & store it.

  7. Do not give your baby gripe water, balkadu, glucose water or tonics for teething.

  8. Give only breastmilk till the baby is about 6 months old (Exclusive Breastfeeding). Water, top milk, honey, vitamins and almonds should not be given during this period.

  9. At about 6 months of age gradually introduce soft home made weaning foods in small quantities frequently. However continue to breastfeed atleast till the second birthday.

  10. Do not use bottle, pacifiers, milk powder or baby food (free or subsidised samples of these items are not allowed in maternity homes. Their advertisement in any form is also prohibited here).

  11. Do not apply any cream on sore or cracked nipples.

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