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FAQs on Preparation for Breastfeeding

Q1. Why do I need to breastfeed? Does it really make any difference if I give cow\buffalo milk?

A. Breastfeeding offers several advantages not only for the baby but also for the mother. These cannot be provided by cow's milk or buffalo's milk. Listed below are these advantages:

A) Advantages to the baby:

  1. It contains all nutrients a baby needs in proper quantities.
  2. It is easy to digest.
  3. It does not contain disease germs since it gets transferred directly from the mother to the baby.
  4. Breastmilk is live milk. It contains germ fighting substances. Hence the chances of infections are significantly less in breastfed babies.
  5. It is neither hot nor cold. Baby receives it at right temperature.
  6. It improves child's intelligence.
  7. Reduces the possibility of developing asthma\allergies.
  8. Decreases possibility of heart attacks \ diabetes in later life.
  9. Facilitates bonding between baby & mother.
  10. Decreases incidence of certain cancers.

B) Advantages to the mother:

  1. Helps the mother to loose extra fat accumulated in pregnancy. Thus it helps mother to come back in shape.
    (However this should be coupled with proper post pregnancy exercises & avoiding fat rich foods)
  2. Reduces chances of cancers of breast, uterus & ovaries.
  3. Decreases post delivery bleeding.
  4. Delays ovulation & acts like a contraceptive. However it cannot be completely relied upon. Hence mother should consult her doctor 6 weeks after delivery for contraceptive advice.
  5. Breastfeeding is convenient for the mother. It does not need any prior preparation.
  6. To some degree protects the mother against postmenopausal osteoporosis.
  7. It does not cost. Expense on medical bills is saved because breastfed baby falls sick less frequently. Thus breastfeeding gives economic advantage to the family.

    Breastfeeding offers advantages not only to the mother & her baby but also to the society, nation & the global environment.

Q2. How should I prepare myself for breastfeeding during pregnancy? Does breast & nipple need any special preparation?

A. Preparation for breastfeeding consists of physical & psychological preparation. Psychological preparation is most important. Mother should be aware of proper breastfeeding practices, advantages of breastfeeding, and various problems likely to be encountered. This is best achieved by pre-delivery group counseling by mother support group leaders (Mother Support Group is an organization of experienced & knowledgeable mothers who provide help, support & encouragement to the mothers to breastfeed successfully). The best time to undergo this counseling is about two months prior to delivery. Your motivation to feed your baby as per the scientific guidelines is most important. You will need cooperation of your family members to breastfeed successfully. Hence a change in their knowledge & attitudes is necessary.

Preparation of breast & nipples is not necessary. This is achieved automatically by hormonal changes as the pregnancy advances. Proper clothes which will facilitate breastfeeding need to be kept ready. Shirts or full front opening gowns are best suited for this purpose. Gowns called as feeding gowns with zips on both the sides are unsuitable for breastfeeding.

Q3. My breasts are small in size? Will I be able to breastfeed successfully?

A. Size of breast does not matter. Small breasts produce milk as efficiently as large breasts. Size of the breasts is decided by the amount of fat contained in the breast & not by the milk producing tissue. Hence even mothers with small breasts can breastfeed successfully.

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