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Panel Discussion on GPs role in breastfeeding.
Q. 1. What importance do you attach to the role of family Practitioners in our general health scenario?

Q. 2. Do you think general practitioners can influence infant-feeding practices positively or negatively

Q. 3. What are the positive influences that family practitioners can exert?

Q. 4. What are the negative influences that they can exert?

Q. 5. Which are the ways in which family practitioners can improve breastfeeding rates in the community?

Q. 6. Could we devise some easy to understand and interesting programs for family practitioners whereby they are trained in handling breastfeeding problems?

Q. 7. If a practitioner has a patient with a breastfeeding problem, what are the steps he can take to remedy that?

Q. 8. How can family practitioners reduce the influence of the IMS industry on themselves and the drug stores in their area?

Q. 9. Gandhinagar in Gujarat has become a bottle free town? Do you think we could do that in the northwestern suburbs to begin with, and then in all of Mumbai?

Q. 10. Would you like to give a motivational message to our entire practitioner friends, so that we can all go a little beyond our call of routine duties, and devote some time and energy daily in social activity that will raise the general standard of health in our country?

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