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Activities under Mother Support Group Project BPNI Maharashtra State Branch.

  1. Pre-Delivery & Post-Delivery Group counseling sessions at maternity homes (Project covers approximately 35 maternity homes from Vileparle to Virar in & around Mumbai. Individual help & counseling to mothers with breastfeeding problems before & after discharge from maternity home.
  2. Community based Pre-Delivery & Post-Delivery Group counselling sessions.
  3. Training of maternity nursing staff in lactation management and breastfeeding support.
  4. Helping new maternity facilities to change their attitudes and practices toward a baby friendly environment and maintain their baby friendly status even without the reassessment.
  5. Training of traditional massage women (TMW) in correct infant feeding, neonatal care & childcare practices (340 TMW already trained).
  6. Breastfeeding awareness drives (through talks) amongst school and college students, women's groups, and working women.
  7. Making family physicians aware of the existence of support available for mothers with breastfeeding problems by forwarding their location, address & telephone number.
  8. Organising and participating in World Breastfeeding Week celebrations.
  9. Identifying prospective MSG leaders from amongst the counseled mothers. They take the responsibility of training the new recruits.(Total certified MSG Leaders: 30)
  10. Lay the foundation for MSG activity in other suburbs of Mumbai and other districts on Maharashtra State by identifying nodal persons.(Virar-Vasai, Mira Road-Bhayander, Andheri-Vileparle, Dombivali, Pune & Amravati)
  11. They are now accepted as trainers for lactation management courses for doctors and nurses on simple subjects.

MSG Leaders have formed an able second line for protection, promotion & support of breastfeeding in North-West Mumbai & have proved themselves indispensable. The project has demonstrated that MSG can be both community & maternity home based. It has also demonstrated that MSG leaders can synchronize & work along with the medical community while independently maintaining their identity.


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