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Need Of Mother Support Group (MSG)

Why Successful Breastfeeding needs Support:

The period of growing up is called 'Adolescence'. Similarly transition to motherhood is called 'MATRESCENCE'. Breastfeeding is natural, however it is not easy. Mothers need to learn how to successfully breastfeed their babies. This training was imparted in advance to future mothers in our society when large joint family system was the norm. These large joint families also provided sufficient support, help & guidance during matrescence. However industrialisation & urbanisation resulted in small joint families & nuclear families. Hence the support for breastfeeding was lost.

Certain following factors also exercised significant negative influence on the knowledge, attitudes & practices (KAP) of breastfeeding in our society:

  1. Number of working mothers increased markedly forcing mothers to look for options to mother's milk.
  2. Invention of a cheap instrument called bottle which could be easily manufactured in bulk & which found ready acceptance with masses.
  3. Manufacturing of tinned breastmilk substitutes (Powdered milk) & their aggressive marketing by multinationals.
  4. Availability of tinned baby foods which started getting considered as licence to health. These are not only introduced in baby's diet much earlier than recommended time to start weaning but also have become the staple weaning food.
  5. Bottles, tinned milk & baby foods reached every household due to geometrically increasing spread & influence of the media. Also these items came to be considered as status symbols & breastfeeding came to be considered as near aboriginal.
  6. Rural population has gradually picked up the bad practices from their urban counterparts.
  7. Failure on the part of our education or health set up to provide training or support for matrescence.
  8. Failure on the part of health professionals to realise:
    A: deteriorating breastfeeding culture
    B: Invasion by manufacturers of Infant Milk Substitutes, Baby Foods & bottles.
    C: Impact of A & B on childhood diseases & deaths.
    D: Improper coverage & importance to Breastfeeding in medical & nurs

All these factors have acted together to cultivate faulty knowledge, wrong attitudes & bad practices about breastfeeding not only in our society but also amongst medics & paramedics. Hence even in places where joint families exist, the new mother is exposed to the risk of wrong advice.

This explains the dire need of Mother to Mother Breastfeeding Support Groups where experienced & knowledgeable mothers can give opportunity to new mothers to converse & share their experiences & also provide information, encouragement & support during matrescence & breastfeeding.

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