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It was realized by members of BPNI, that Breastfeeding promotional activities needed to be organized independently at the state level for better functioning and to increase the number and scope of activities. Therefore, the Maharashtra State Branch was constituted in 1994, with satellite centers in other regions of the state. Maharashtra State Branch is one of the most active branches of BPNI, and has done pioneering work in Breastfeeding promotion to doctors, nurses and the community at large.

The various activities of BPNI Maharashtra include:

HLMT courses for doctors: Seven such courses have been organized, three of these in association with other branches of BPNI. These are interactive courses with practical sessions in maternity hospitals.
Interactive training sessions for nurses: "Mother Support Group" leaders conduct these. Over the years, nearly twenty such workshops have been done in various parts of Mumbai and Maharashtra.
Antenatal Group counseling session & postnatal counseling, and support to new mothers in private and municipal maternity homes: By MSG leaders. This activity has improved breastfeeding rates in Northwest Mumbai.
Celebration of World Breastfeeding Week: Based on themes provided by WABA: Various programs are organized all over Mumbai, including teaching institutes, over the complete week and beyond. All levels of the community are included in the programs that include workshops, seminars, drawing competitions in school, certifications and distribution of IEC material.
Traditional Massage Women (TMW) project: This is an innovative project by BPNI Maharashtra wherein Malishwali Bais (TMW) are trained in correct infant feeding rearing practices, as well as handing common childhood problem at home. Until now, 500 TMWs have been trained and certified.
NALS course for doctors and nurses: Conducted by NALS cell of BPNI Maharashtra.
Baby friendly hospital initiative: BPNI Maharashtra has converted many hospitals in Mumbai into baby friendly hospitals. This involves assessment of the hospitals with regard to the "Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding" by a team of doctors from BPNI Maharashtra.
Setting up of a secretariat and documentation center: With help of UNICEF and BPNI Delhi, A resource library is being set up. BPNI has its own secretariat in Borivali, with a full time secretarial assistant.
BPNI Maharashtra has published a booklet on Newborn and Childcare in four languages. This book has proved to be very popular with health workers and mothers.
Our Web portal was launched on August 1, in keeping with the theme - Breastfeeding in the Information Age.
A Docu-drama video on Breastfeeding is in the offing.
A Newsletter of BPNI Maharashtra is being planned for distribution to all pediatricians and obstetricians in Mumbai, and possibly Maharashtra.
Mother and Child Friendly Hospital Initiative: Members of BPNI Maharashtra are on the task force constituted for the implementation of MCFHI, a program designed by UNICEF.
Inclusion of Breastfeeding in the curriculum of women's universities: BPNI Maharashtra has been instrumental in achieving this.
Public and hospital seminars.
Fund raising: While BPNI Maharashtra refuses donations from the pharmaceutical industry, it needs funds to carry on with its Breastfeeding promotional programs and publishing relevant educational literature. UNICEF Mumbai has been a major financial and moral supporter of our activities. We invite contributions from organization and individuals that are committed to the improvement of the health of our nation of our children by the definitely proven way of exclusive Breastfeeding. All contributions are exempt from income tax under section 80 G.
Research: A detailed research module for Infant feeding practices in the state of Maharashtra is being planned;
Training of trainers and monitors: In Breastfeeding counseling and complementary feeding; monitoring the IMS Act.
BFHI: BPNI is a member of the NTF for "Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative".
Publications in form of bulletins, posters, newsletters, stickers, greeting cards, books, etc.

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