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Malishwali bai's
01. Glucose / sugar / jaggery/ plain water or honey should be given to baby before the first Breastfeed after delivery
  True      False
02. After a normal delivery, a mother must give the first breastfeed within
  1 Hr 4 Hrs 10-12 Hrs 24 Hrs 48 Hrs
03. A mother is not able to sit up for 24-48 Hrs after a 'Caesarean delivery' However she should breastfeed her baby during this period
  True      False
04. Breastmilk in the first 2-3 days after delivery (Colostrum) is inadequate in quatity. Hence during this period it is necessary to feed top milk (cow. buffalo or powder milk) & water to the baby.
  True      False
05. In a Maternity Home babies should be kept in a Baby room & should be given to the mother only for breastfeeding or whenever the mother desires.
  True      False
06. Baby should be breastfed every 2 Hours.
  True      False
07. How long should a baby feed during one breastfeed?
  5-10 Mins        10-20 Mins        20-30 Mins
More than 30 Mins        For as long as baby wants
08. Majority of babies get jaundice within the first 7 days of life
  True      False
09. How much of the breast should be given in a baby's mouth while breastfeeding?
  Only Nipple   Nipple & a small part of the Areola
      (black part behind the nipple)  
Any part Nipple and maximum possible areola
10. If a baby cries excessively, it means that mother's milk is inadequate for the baby
  True      False
11. A totaly breastfed baby may pass stools very frequently or once in 7-8 days
  True      False
12. Water should be given to a baby :
  After 1 Month From the 1st Month
After 3 Months After 6 Months
13. Top milk should be given to a baby :
  After 1 Month From the 1st Month  
After 3 Months Can be given after 6 Months
14. Weaning (Food) should be started after a baby is months old.
15. Weaning foods should be
  Home made
[Fruit juice, Milk shake, Curds, Rice Kanji, Kheer etc....(mashed food)]   
Both Baby foods [Cerelac, Nestum, Farex etc.]
16. Total duration of breastfeeding should be
  1 Year 6 Months Minimum 2 Years
2 Years 1.5 Years  
17. A baby should be habituated to drink water & milk from a bottle
  True      False
18. Balkadu / Gripe water / Tonics for teething / Somawa chautrisi / Kumari Asav etc are
  Necessary        Unnecessary Dangerous
Unnecessary & Dangerous Traditional & hence must be given
19. A breastfeeding mother should avoid eating certain food items
  True      False
20. After delivery, family planning advice is necessary after a mother gets her first period
  True      False

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