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Questions for Workshop on Situational Analysis
of Crèches in NW Mumbai

1) For how many years have you been running a crèche?
2) Is it a family tradition / business or a first time venture?
3) Do you see crèche as a source of income / social service / service to children?
4) Do you screen / interview the parents before you accept their children?
5) Do you assess the economic condition of the parents before deciding to accept their children?
6) How many children do you have at present?
7) Are you comfortable with a small number of children or are you willing to take on more?
8) What is the maximum number of children you have had in your crèche at any time?
9) What age group of children are you comfortable with - less than 6 months old / between 6 months and a year old / between one and years / toddlers over 2 years?
10) What is the area (in square feet) in which you run your crèche (the part of the house used as crèche)?
11) Do you allow the children to use the family toilet or do you have a separate toilet for them?
12) Do you have a maid or assistant to help you?

13) Do you cook for the children in the crèche / use food provided by the parents?
14) Do you heat the food / milk before giving to the children?
15) Do you think it is alright for an infant less than six months old to be taken off breastmilk and put in a crèche?
16) Do you use bottle for milk / water / cereal in your crèche?
17) Do you clean and change clothes if children soil them?
18) Do you bathe children?
19) Do you play with children / talk to them / sing for them / read to them / tell stories / allow the to play with each other / give them toys?
20) Are you comfortable handling a sick child / would rather not keep a sick child?
21) Do you know of some medicines for fever / vomiting / loose motions / pain / stomach colic / cuts etc?
22) Do you know any doctor in the vicinity to whom you can rush a child in case of an emergency?
23) Do you ever scold / beat a child?
24) Do you sometimes get tired of taking care of many children?
25) Would you accept suggestions for improving your crèche situation so that it would be comfortable for you, the children, and their parents?
26) Do you enjoy your work as care taker of the crèche / would give up the work if you find an alternate source of income?

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