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Sample Questions for Working Women

Name __________________________
Age _____
Educational level _____________________
Occupation _____________________________
Suburb of Mumbai/Navi Mumbai to which you belong _____________
Working hours including travel ______
Married for ___ years/Unmarried
Number and ages of children ________________________________________
Live in a nuclear/Joint family (tick one)
Mother tongue _______________
Religion _________________

1) Did you ever give a special thought to breastfeeding?
a) Yes b) never c) I treat is as a natural process.

2) Was breastfeeding ever discussed with you?
a) Never b) by my obstetrician c) by my pediatrician
d) By a relative e) by a friend

3) What is your opinion about the importance of breastfeeding an infant (baby)?
a) It is 'must do'! b) Very important but replaceable
c) Unimportant d) avoidable

4) What is your opinion on top feeding (animal or powder milk)? (tick one or more)
a) Should necessarily be given early b)should be started late (after 6 - 7 months)
c) Will not cause any problems for the baby d) May cause some problem(s).

5) What is your opinion about bottle-feeding? (tick one or more)
a) It is a must b) should not be given c) may be given d) convenient
e) Time - consuming f) can cause problem(s) g) is very safe.

6) What is your opinion about top milk? (tick one or more)
a) Milk powder is convenient b) Liquid animal milk is convenient
c) Milk powder is expensive d) Liquid milk is cheaper
e) Milk powder can cause problem(s) f) Liquid milk can cause problems.

7) Who takes the decision regarding feeding your baby in your family?
a) You b) Your spouse c) Your mother
d) Your mother-in-law e) The maid

8) How long do you think should an infant be fed 'only breastmilk' (exclusive breastfeeding)?
a) 2 months b) 3 months c) 4 months d) 6 months e) 9 months

9) When do you think should a child be introduced to other foods (including top milk)?
a) At 2 months b) at 3 months c) at 4 months
d) After 6 months e) after 9 months.

10) How long do you think should breastfeeding be done?
a) For 4 months b) for 6 months c) for one year
d) For 2 years e) beyond 2 years.

11) Given a choice which of the following options would you choose? (tick one or
a) Giving up your job for breastfeeding and motherhood.
b) Would never stop working.
c) Resume work whenever asked to.
d) Resume work after 4 months.
e) Resume work after 6 months.

12) Would you like to breastfeed 'exclusively' for six months if you were granted six
months leave?
a) I would b) I wouldn't c) I am not sure.

13) If you were granted 6 months paid breastfeeding leave how would you respond?
(tick one or more)
a) I would be thankful to my employers.
b) I would be thankful to my male colleagues.
c) I think it is my right to be granted 6 months leave.
d) It wouldn't matter too much.
e) I would much rather resume work.
f) I would oppose the idea.

14) If you were provided crèche facility at your workplace would you bring your
infant to work?
a) Yes b) No c) Not sure
d) Depends on quality of crèche facility e) don't like the idea.

15) Did you know that you could express your milk and leave it for your baby when
you go to work?
a) I know b) Did not know c) have done that d) not possible e) impractical

16) Would you appreciate breastfeeding advice given to you by pre-delivery talks or
a) Yes b) I don't care much for talks
c) I know of such facility d) I would rather read.n

17) Are you aware of the concept of 'Baby friendly hospital'?
a) Never heard of it b) Heard of it
c) Know of such hospital d) delivered in such hospital

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